“I don’t have time to….”
“I’ve got so much to do….”
“I should, but….”

I have a new passion – story telling!  I have always used stories to “sell” our kids on an idea; now this new art of persuasion is taking root in businesses as well.  In his book “The Lea

Fresh Ideas for growing your business

Our focus is you....

....your organization and how we can get results for you. we identify your business needs and help you exceed your goals through maximizing your greatest resource, your people.   

Providing best solutions

First we learn about your business.  Then, we develop a clear understanding of management’s goals and objectives.  Finally, we customize our solutions to the unique needs of your organization.

The world of opportunities

Our vision is your success.  Through our customized solutions we help you map out a plan for your organization’s success.  PMA will work directly with your management teams to identify process improvements, strategic planning execution strategies, and development needs at all levels of your organization.

Imagination is our power

Our innovative training programs are designed to unleash the learning potential of your employees.  By employing the latest in adult learning techniques we maximize retention in a fun, engaging environment that encourages behavior change and sustained productivity improvements.