Robin Larkin

Robin Larkin joined Performance Management Associates in 1997 in Minneapolis, and since January 2012, Robin has been in our Southwest Florida location.  Prior to her joining PMA, she performed corporate development responsibilities for the Jefferson Center, Minneapolis, and continued in this role while living in Toronto, Ontario, from 1992-1995.

Robin began her career in sales in 1973 at Compensation Programs Inc. in New York. Furthering her experience in sales and sales supervision, she joined Honeywell Inc. in New York. While at Honeywell, Robin received top national honors and was one of only three women nationally in Honeywell's Construction Sales/Services Group. Moving on to a more highly technical environment in sales and management, Robin joined Satellite Business Systems (a joint venture--Aetna, IBM, CompSat--start-up company) in their Stamford, Connecticut, office. During her tenure at SBS, she managed several key accounts, including Digital Equipment and the California banks. In 1982, relocating to Minneapolis, Robin began her own business, Lillemores Inc, which grew from an in-home start-up to a multi-branch Twin Cities company. Lillemores Inc. was the first in-home childcare agency in the Twin Cities. In conjunction with her business, in 1985 Robin wrote/published the book, The Family Caregiver's Manual. In 1990-1992, she was retained by the Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota, in cooperation with the League of Women Voters, to be project manager (develop program and funding) for two economic conferences: A Global Economic Symposium and in 1992, Futures Entwined: A U.S. Japan Trade Conference.

During her professional career, Robin continued to perform various volunteer activities,
including serving as President of the League of Women Voters; Executive Chair, Women’s 2008 U.S. Women’s Golf Open, Interlachen Country Club, Minneapolis; Board member, United Nations, Minnesota; National Scholarship Review Committee, American Cancer Society U.S; Board member, Greater Minneapolis Daycare Association; Development Committee, Chair, Crescent School (Toronto); Breck School (Minneapolis).