Employee Development

“On-Course Strategies changed the paradigm in how I will use my time with people on the golf course.”
Michele Martin
Senior Vice President
Bremer Bank


Building Peak Performance:

Our employee development solutions are built around the latest in adult learning techniques.  Each program is customized around your organization’s strategic goals, and objectives, and developed to maximize your team’s learning and retention. 

Targeted Competencies Include:

The Art of Influence and Negotiation - Building Collaborative Relationships
Many professionals excel at managing data and details.  Time and energy has been spent on building intellectual capital, sometimes at the expense of exploring the skills required to foster effective relationships with peers, customers and team members.   The result can be ineffective teams and strained client relationships.  Building Collaborative Relationship is a customized program designed to provide professionals with the skills required to increase their effectiveness in today’s collaborative and customer-centric work environments by focusing on the art of influence and win-win solutions. 

Understanding the Generations
For the first time in recent history, there are four generations working side-by-side in organizations. This has become the largest demographic shift since women and members of minority groups began entering the workforce in significant numbers decades ago.  We will explore each of the four generations, their backgrounds and work styles, as well as unique ways to communicate with each effectively.

Creating Best-in-Class Customer Experiences
Customers, whether internal or external, do not care about job descriptions, or individual areas of responsibility.  What a customer cares about is getting their question and issue solved in an efficient, pleasant and professional manner.  Everything counts in customer service.  Every contact with a customer creates an image that impacts your company in either a positive or negative way.  The key is to create a sustainable, company-wide approach to managing customer relationships.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
“Status quo” is not enough in today’s competitive environment.  Your employees need to make day-to-day decisions, quickly and effectively.  By applying a set of critical thinking guidelines employees will be able to determine the most effective solution for their most challenging situations.

Presentation Skills – Mastering the Art of Public Speaking
Today, more than ever, speaking in front of an audience is becoming a necessity for all professionals.  Sales presentations, company meetings, executive briefings and civic involvement all require proficiency in public speaking.  This program is designed to build your confidence to face any audience on any topic.  You will understand various presentation skills, be able to implement specific presentation styles and techniques, and deliver effective presentations with professionalism.

Style Counts – The Impact of Personalities When Communicating
Everyone has a comfort zone when communicating.  The challenge is your comfort zone can clash with those around you.  Understanding how you communicate is crucial; understanding the impact of your style on your effectiveness in dealing with others is essential.  Using the DiSC model as a baseline you will examine four primary communication styles and the behaviors associated with each. 

Listen Up!
85 % of our success is based on how well we communicate with others and build collaborative relationships. Listening is at the foundation of all successful relationships; the challenge is few of us are ever taught how to listen.  Hearing is not listening.  Listening is a process of understanding what is being said, taking into account the speaker’s body language and tone of voice, asking questions to build clarity and summarizing to ensure the message was received correctly.  When done well, listening is the easiest way to show respect and build trust between individuals.

Dealing With Difficult Conversations
Conflict happens! Since conflicts will occur, what is most important is how we understand, resolve and learn from them.   The more you understand your own style and attitudes about conflict and their causes, the fewer the occasions when conflicts may get out of hand. While these are not easy conversations to manage, they can be crucial to effective relationships.  Understanding the process and critical success factors for managing these difficult conversations will provide you with the confidence to confront individuals in a manner that fosters mutual respect while providing solutions to issues.

Team Effectiveness
In today’s competitive environment organizations must maximize the effectiveness of all their employees.  A crucial component of this effectiveness resides in your team’s ability to operate in an environment based on mutual trust, respect, open communications and clear problem-solving abilities.  Through this highly interactive program, your teams will learn the qualities and behaviors of successful teams and will be given the opportunity to practice these behaviors in a fun, learning environment. 

Transitioning Through Change
Change is what happens to or around you.  Transitions are what happen inside you.  Understanding the process of personal transitions will help you successfully navigate change in all areas of your life.  Recognizing the steps you can take to help yourself in times of change will reduce your stress levels and establish a sense of control.

Running Effective Meetings
Poorly run meetings cost organizations time and resources, resulting in inefficiencies and frustration.  This session will provide you with the steps to organize and facilitate a successful meeting that results in engaged attendees, targeted discussions, and specific outcomes.

Time is Everything – Keys to Productivity
The truth is time is a constant, it can not be controlled.  What can be managed are your behaviors and attitudes around how you deal with time.  Focusing on what is important while structuring and executing your plan will make the difference between feeling stressed and being in control.

On-Course Strategies – For Professional Women
Leveraging golf as a business strategy and development tool has been around for decades.  Unfortunately women have not taken advantage of this environment nearly as often as their male counterparts.  This creative program will focus on the fundamentals of golf, as well as the strategies for maximizing your time on the course!

“Sales folks will find On-Course Strategies invaluable.”
Barbara Fraley
Marketing Director
Target Corporation


“Pam delivered a communication training session to our international HR management team, and we are still using the language she gave us to communicate better with each other. She delivered the session with authority over her topic, humor, and warmth. We are always looking for ways to work with her again.”  
Linda Landry
Director of Learning and Development