Just stop and THINK.

“I don’t have time to….”
“I’ve got so much to do….”
“I should, but….”

In the past several months we’ve heard those words more and more.  Individuals feel squeezed for time.  While managing multiple priorities has been a topic of concern for years, it has reached near crisis levels lately.  The problem with the “not having enough time to…” philosophy is that organizations are now filled with doers; thinking is becoming luxury.  The problem with losing our thinking time is that we have no way to gauge if what we are so busy doing is getting us to where we need to go!  

So, what can be done to stay on track in a time sensitive world?  Think backward!  Focus on outcomes and objectives, then on how you will get there.  

This philosophy works in all facets of business (and personal) activities.  Successful companies lay out their strategic objectives and an action plan for execution.  Project managers map out the plan for the team, clearly articulating milestones and checkpoints.  

Next time you tackle a task or begin a conversation, take a breath and think about what success will look like, what outcomes you are trying to achieve, then chart your course or choose your words!  Give yourself the gift of think time!