The 10 traits of a leader.

Over the past 17 years we have been given the opportunity to work with some wonderful clients.  Through these relationships we have been given a gift -- to observe great leaders in action.  While leadership trends come and go, and personalities vary, we have found that truly effective leaders share these 10 common behaviors.

1.    They desire to learn something new everyday.
2.    They set clear expectations.
3.    They value their employees as individuals.
4.    They listen to understand (not simply to talk).
5.    They are humble, demonstrating a quiet confidence.
6.    They aren’t afraid to look in the mirror (and grow and change).
7.    They make the tough decisions.
8.    They seek input and give honest, fair feedback.
9.    They strive to be better.
10.  They reward success.

In today’s changing environment, these traits are all the more important, and all the more difficult.  Great leaders, we have found, make the choice to truly lead every day.